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Taekwondo Federation of India election announced

Aurangabad: According to the decision of the New Delhi High Court, the election of the National Federation of Taekwondo Federation of India (TFI) has been announced for the last four months under the guidance of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA). In this election, Taekwondo Association of Maharashtra, Mumbai (TAM) president Praveen Salunkhe and general secretary Milind Pathare have been given the right to vote in the election from Maharashtra state in the list of 36 states.Taekwondo Association of Maharashtra, Mumbai (TAM) has once again been stamped as the official organization of President Praveen Salunke, General Secretary Milind Pathare and Treasurer Vinayak Gaikwad from Maharashtra.In the last few years, two federations were formed in taekwondo and two associations were also formed in Maharashtra. On April 28, the Delhi High Court declared the Taekwondo Federation of India to be the official national organization and ordered elections to be held. As per the decision of the New Delhi High Court, the work of determining the official electorate state organization for the TFI elections has been going on for four months at Olympic Bhavan, New Delhi in front of retired High Court Judge Shastoni. The election program has been announced on Friday (28th), and the voter list of TFI has also been announced. The new national executive of TFI will be announced after the election on November 14. This decision has spread joy among official state associations and players across the country.

Election program

Filing of voter application – 30th October

Filing of nomination form – 30th October to 1st November

Withdrawal of application – 4th November

Allotment of symbols to candidates- 7th November

Election – November 14

Election Result – November 14

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