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Diwali Festival Always, Always With R.C. Bafna Jewelers

JALGAON : INDIA : The festival of Deepawali is the biggest festival of Hindus and Deepawali comes with happiness, Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped in Deepawali and it is the wish that everyone should get the blessings of Maa Lakshmi, get wealth, and all flourish.
Dhantrayodashi i.e. Dhanteras comes only on the festival of Deepawali and buying gold on this day is considered special, people wait for this day to buy gold ornaments.

In Jalgaon, there was an influx of customers in the golden city of Ratanlal C Bafna Jewelers, famous in the country,
Let us tell you that Ratanlal C Bafna Jewelers has many branches across Maharashtra and Ratanlal Si Bafna Jewelers gold is absolutely pure, due to which customers turn to Ratanlal C. Bafna Jewelers for years only.

Its Love Of Coustomers

On the day of Dhanteras, there was a crowd in the market for the purchase of gold in the Jalgaon showroom of Ratanlal C Bafna, and people were buying gold with open hearts for the first time after the crying period. After the era of Bar Corona, gold came down in its prices
Overall, people started the Diwali festival with great enthusiasm by buying gold on the day of Dhanteras and it is expected that over the years, the confidence of the customers associated with RC Bafna will increase day by day because the punch line of RC Bafna is the same. Is
where faith is tradition

Anand Sharma’s report with Zaki Ahmed from Jalgaon for India Aaj Tak News

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