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Avoid online fraud, website like KCN is robbing you, trap is spread on TELEGRAM

These days in many websites including Telegram you will find many frauds in the name of USDT trading who will lure you and then ask you to trade on their website.

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After which you will win a huge amount from their trading but you will not get it, because they will remain in your website called Us KCN, will only be visible,

After which commission will be sought from that online group, which will be in lakhs.

This is the only trick of their fraud, and if you give money, then they will block you or delete your account, the incident of such fraud is going on continuously.

Many people have wasted lakhs of rupees, and are still repenting, but you cannot do anything, because you do not know their name or number.

Those people will lure you again and again, and everything will be as if it is about to come true, and you will get the money.

This fraud is going on very loudly on Telegram and people are also getting trapped.

India Aaptak News warns you to avoid such frauds, do not get greedy at all, if you know trading then trade only on genuine trading applications which are registered so that your hard earned money is safe.

In the greed of lakhs, those who loot your hard work are ready to hunt you continuously, just you should be saved and by conveying this to your friends and acquaintances, save them too.

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